Device Requirements...

To host a session your facilitators will need :-

  • A Laptop, IPAD, Tablet or PC which can connect to the internet.

  • A microphone - this can be the in-built microphone or an external plug-in device.

  • In-built speakers or a plug in headset for

  • A camera if you are hosting a video session, this can be the in-built camera or an external plug-in device.

  • Broadband/internet connection - minimum requirement of 1mbs download speed and a minimum of 350kbits/s upload speed.

Supported internet browsers...

Listed in the table below are the browser version numbers that are currently supported for hosting online sessions. We always recommend using the most up to date browser version for the best possible experience.


77 or higher


13 or higher


74 or higher

Edge (Chromium)

80 or higher

Internet Explorer

Not supported

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