Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Log in with your email address and password ( if you have forgotten your details please use the password reset button below)

Step 3 - You will be taken automatically to the new session page and you can also navigate yourself here by selecting the "New session" tab at the top of the page

Step 4 - Select create under the scheduled group telephone call section

Step 5 - Enter the details of your session below, including the start date and time, and how often it will take place.

Step 6 - Do you want to add a facilitator to host the session on your behalf or along side you?

If yes please go to Step 7 if no please go to step 8

Step 7 - If you would like a facilitator to host the session along side you or in place of you please select "Add facilitator" and choose your facilitator and confirm by selecting add facilitator

Step 8 - To add your guests please select "Add guest" You will see a list of all your guests, you can search using their name or by scrolling down the list.

Step 9 - Select the add button next to the guest you wish to attend the session

Step 10 - You will then be asked to choice which method you would like your guest to join from the below 3 options :-

  • Meetupcall will call the guest automatically at the scheduled start time

  • Facilitator will initiate a call via Meetupcall

  • Guest will dial-in themselves

Once you have selected the joining method please confirm by selecting "Add guest"

Step 11 - Repeat step 10 until you have added all of your guests to the session

Step 12 - select the create session button at the bottom right hand side of the page

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