Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Log in with your email address and password ( if you have forgotten your details please use the password reset button below)

Step 3 - Select the "Scheduled session" tab at the top of the page

Step 4 - Find the session you would like to amend using the scroll bar and or the arrows

Step 5 - Select and click on the session you would like to amend

Step 6 - This will open up the session details box

Step 7 - Scroll down to the edit participants section

Step 8 - Choose which type change/amendment you would like to make?

To remove a facilitator or guest go to step 9

To add a facilitator go to step 10

To add a guest go to step 11

Step 9 - To remove a facilitator or guest select the X next to their name and repeat this process to remove all participants you require.

Step 10 - To add a facilitator please select "Add facilitator" and choose your facilitator and confirm by selecting add facilitator button

Step 11 - To add your guests please select "Add guest" You will see a list of all your guests, you can search using their name or by scrolling down the list.

Select the add button next to the guest you wish to attend the session

Step 12 - You will then be asked to choice which method you would like your guest to join from the below 3 options :-

  • Meetupcall will call the guest automatically at the scheduled start time

  • Facilitator will initiate a call via Meetupcall

  • Guest will dial-in themselves

Once you have selected the joining method please confirm by selecting "Add guest"

Step 13 - Repeat steps 11 and 12 until you have added all of your guests to the session

Step 14 - Is this session part of a reoccurring session?

If Yes please go to step 15

If No please go to step 16

Step 15 - If you would only like to cancel this one session (future sessions in this reoccurrence will continue as scheduled) - please select cancel session button

If you would like to cancel all reoccurring sessions as well please select the "cancel future occurrences of this session" and this will turn green then select the cancel session button

Step 16 - Select cancel session button on the bottom right of the page .

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