This is a chosen member of the team who will oversee the account on behalf of the organisation. They are the main contact responsible for the account and will retain the access rights to add/delete members of the team and obtain billing information.

Admin users will not receive email notifications for sessions unless they have created the session, are the facilitator of the session or a service user.

Session Co-ordinator

I am an employee of your organisation and am responsible for managing all remote activity sessions using the Meetupcall software platform.

Team Members
These are members of your organisation that work or volunteer alongside you. The 3 available roles that a team member can have are:

  • Service user - These are beneficiaries of the service and will join the Group Sessions or Befriending calls.

  • Group facilitator - A volunteer working for your organisation that is responsible for hosting and facilitating remote group sessions, making sure everybody can get onto the call and that it goes smoothly

  • Befriender - These are volunteers who are performing 121 calls with Service Users.

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